Is It Time To Replace/Recertify Your Propane Tank?

If your propane tank reaches its expiration date, gets rusty, or if the tank is dented, you may want to consider getting it replaced. This concerns the safety of not only yourself, but also your propane provider.

Using an expired propane tank can be dangerous. In the United States, a tank is certified to be usable up to 12 years from the manufacture stamp date.

Lets Get You A Fillable Propane Tank Again!

REPLACE | You can replace any 20lb propane tank at places like 7/11, Walmart, King Soopers, etc.

Keep in mind propane exchanges only fill your tank to 15lbs | These Tanks Are Meant To Hold 20lbs

RECERTIFY | You can visit Arapahoe Rental Loveland to recertify your propane tanks. We recommend this option if you have a tank 30lbs or larger. Typically Charges Around $11 To Recertify


Will Broadmoor Fill An Expired Tank?

No, the expiration date is for your safety. Propane fillers are not to fill a propane tank if it is past its expiration date.

Can Broadmoor Replace My Tank?

Broadmoor Heights does NOT offer an exchange program. You can exchange your propane tank at any retailer that offers propane exchanges, or you can get your tank recertified.