Mechanic Archie Campbell (left) | Dave Jones (center) | Ron Jones (right) on the older station's rock ledge | Broadmoor in 1989 (Phillip 66).

John Widerman (left) | Dave Jones (right) in the newer station | 2015

Pam Jones | 2014

Broadmoor In 2022

About Broadmoor

Pam & Dave Jones purchased the store in 1972 as a full service station. Gas prices at the time ranged around 37 cents per gallon. They had a son named Ron Jones who quickly became co-owners with his parents. The original station had 4 fuel pumps, a small convenience store, and a full service mechanic shop.

Dave & Pam soon remodeled in 1999 adding many of the new amenities like a car washing system & propane.

In 2019, the store was handed over to Lily & Sam. They quickly remodeled again, bring in a brand new car wash, new fuel pumps, and many other amenities you see today.

To this day, we strive for customer satisfaction and are locally known as the "cleanest gas station" in Loveland.


About The Owners

Sam and Lily are Cambodian Refugees who fled to America in 1982 and 1983 respectively. In 2003, Sam joined the U.S. Navy in gratitude of what America has given him. He served two deployments in the Middle East. Sam's background was in IT, and Lily's was in banking. They have three children. A son who graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy in 2019; he is training to become a pilot. A daughter who is currently attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in Neuroscience, another daughter is at Regis University studying Criminology. They raised their children to be grateful of what they have, and to not take things for granted.