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Frequently Asked Questions

β‹… β‹… β‹… PROPANE β‹… β‹… β‹…

When do we fill propane?

Please use this link to find our most updated propane info! Learn More

How much is a propane refill?

Propane pricing varies. Please use the link to see most updated pricing! Learn More

β‹… β‹… β‹… FUEL & STATION INFO β‹… β‹… β‹…

Are we 24/7?

No, we're a small business and don't stay open late. Please refer to our home page for business hours.

Do we sell ethanol free fuel?

No, we do not sell ethanol free fuel or red diesel. We are not able to supply any info on which stations do supply this, sorry for the inconvenience!

What fuel grades do we have?

We have Unleaded (85), Plus (87), Shell V-power Nitro (91), and Diesel (D)

Why do fuel prices fluctuate so much?

We do not have an answer to this question, fuel prices fluctuate regularly.

β‹… β‹… β‹… CAR WASH β‹… β‹… β‹…

Is your car wash touch-free?

Yes! Our car wash has Soft Touch & Touch Free. Depending on the carwash package you purchase, you get to choose touch free or soft touch FOR NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Ultimate car wash package does NOT offer a touch free option

Can I renew my carwash code?

Yes! Simply visit a cashier inside the store to renew a code. Please keep in mind, we can only renew a code purchased within 30 days (Codes past 30 days of purchase are non-renewable)