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We changed our policy page to make it easier to read and understand. If you still have questions about something, reach out to our email HERE.

You as a consumer, agree to our policies posted below when entering the property 2106 W Eisenhower Blvd, Loveland, CO 80537 and/or visit the legal entity Broadmoor Heghts C-Store Inc. DBA Broadmoor Heights Convenience. If you do not agree to these terms/polices, do not visit the station.

Services At Broadmoor.



Fuel prices are subject to change. Visit the station for the most updated pricing. Broadmoor will not honor fuel prices posted on the website (including screenshots of the website). Prices shown at the station are the prices you will pay. Fuel pumps are 24/7 for credit/debit card transactions.It is at the customers expense for any fuel spillage or incorrect filling of gasoline AND diesel fuel grades. The fuel pumps are self serve, customers are expected to read and follow all posted placards before attempting to use our self-serve fuel pumps.



You may NOT fill propane. Only Broadmoor Certified Filling Staff may fill your propane tanks. Broadmoor is required by law to report any incidents of non-authorized propane filling (certified staff members exempt) to the authorities.Broadmoor Heights C-Store Inc. dba Broadmoor Heights Convenience has to follow strict restrictions set by the state of Colorado and CDOT when filling propane. Broadmoor will NOT fill any propane tank 10 years past the tank’s MFG (stamped date) without proper recertification. Broadmoor certified filling staff may deny any tank if deemed unsafe to refill. Damaged/dented tanks, rusted tanks, damaged values are all plausible reasons to deem a tank unifiable. Tanks under 200 pounds are to be filled and charged by the pound. RVs and tanks over 200 pounds are charged and filled by the gallon. Broadmoor cannot fill propane tanks during thunderstorms, lighting storms, or hail storms for the safety of all staff and customers.Propane prices may take 48+ hours before changes accrue on this website. Propane prices are subject to change. Visit the station for the most updated pricing. Broadmoor will not honor propane prices posted on the website (including screenshots of the website).


Broadmoor Heights C-Store Inc. and Mark VII are not responsible for any damages done to vehicles and/or aftermarket items. The car was is designed to offer touch-free and soft-touch. The car wash allows 20 seconds to decide this option, otherwise system defaults to touch-free. The ultimate car wash package is soft-touch only. If you are unsure of what selection was made, do not agree to these terms, or need help, do not proceed with the wash and see an associate inside. Our car wash is intended for basic cleaning (not to deep clean a vehicle). Do not proceed with the car wash if you drive a vehicle with open areas (truck beds). Trash and any other items that are not secured may come loose during the wash, which may result in damages to the wash interface or to your own vehicle. All users are subject to additional fees that do not exceed $10,000.00 in the event that damages are caused to the wash iterface (including kiosk) or vehicles that proceed after your wash. All car wash cycles are recorded and monitored for saftey and security. In the event damages are done to your vehicle or aftermarket items, you are required to speak to an associate inside the store before leaving the property of Broadmoor Heights Convenience. Posted placards outside the car wash bay legally release us from all damages done to vehicles and aftermarket items.All pre-paid codes are valid for 7 calendar days and are subject to expiration. All prepaid car wash codes are eligible for reactivation or refund if not used within 30 business days of purchase. Code reactivation and/or refunds is decisioned by Broadmoor staff only. After 30 business days of purchase, all prepaid codes are no longer eligible for reactivation or refund.

Products At Broadmoor.


Customers must be at least 18 years of age to purchase and/or redeem scratch and lotto tickets. Lotto and scratch tickets may only be purchased using cash (USD). For customer assistance, please contact Colorado state lottery customer service number at 1.800.999.2959


Broadmoor Heights Convenience does not own or endorse the use of this ATM. Coinflip is responsible for any transactions with this machine. Broadmoor staff are not allowed to answer any questions about this machine, for questions or concerns regarding this ATM, please call 877.757.2626.


Due to Loveland restrictions, we are only allowed to carry regular and mint flavored products. We are prohibited from selling any other flavors. You must be at least 21 years or old to purchase. You will need a valid ID or PASSPORT to purchase (not expired). Your ID may be scanned for security and validation purposes.

Payment Info.


Customers of Broadmoor may use EBT(Food Stamps, SNAPS, etc.) on cold drinks from the fridge or pre-packaged cold foods. Broadmoor cannot sell you propane, fuel, hot foods, car washes, lotto, Tobacco, or Boba. You may use your EBT card at our ATM to withdraw money if your card is applicable.


Per Shell's Restrictions; Shell Gift Cards may ONLY be purchased using a DEBIT CARD OR CASH. Gift cards are not eligible for balance cash-out above $5 in accordance with Colorado state law. You cannot purchase Lotto or Scratch Tickets via a Shell Gift Card. Shell may limit your gift card to "Fuel Only". Please call the Shell Help Desk at 1.800.300.8113 for any issues with your Shell Gift Card. If card balance falls below one dollar, pay at the pump may not be possible, in which case contact the number printed on the card for assistance.


American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Maestro, Interlink, Star, NYCE, Pulse, USBANK, Diners Club, Union Pay, WEX, JCBSHELL ONLY | Shell App, DriverDash App, Shell Pay, Shell Citi Credit Card, Shell Saver Card, Shell Gift Card, Shell Small Business, Shell Fleet Plus, Shell Fleet Navigator


Fuel Pumps | Please contact Shell Customer Service Lines for more support. Broadmoor cannot issue any refunds or credits to cards used at the fuel pumps.Inside The Store & Car Wash | Please feel free to call our station, however employees are not allowed to release any card information over the phone. If you need assistance with an incorrect charge or dispute, please email us at Please note, we will need to know information like time of visit, authorization number, last 4 of your card number OR name of company (ex. MASTERCARD, VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS), if the charge says "Shell" or "Broadmoor Height", and your full name. Broadmoor will investigate any issues, however if a customer does not reach out to Broadmoor Heights C-Store Inc. within 1 week of transaction in question (via email listed above), issue(s) may not be resolved.



Returned checks are assigned to Professional Finance Company, Inc. - Check Recovery Services - 970.352.5000Returned checks will incur a $20.00 service charge, plus 20% of the face value of the check OR additional $20.00, whichever is greater pursuant to C.R.S. 13-21-109.Returned checks may be re-presented electronically or as a paper draft from your bank account for the face amount plus all applicable fees. (signed posted on customer entrances)


Broadmoor reserves the right to trespass any person(s) that is found to be abusing the policies or harassing employee(s). No written or verbal warning will be given and all trespasses are processed through the Loveland Police Department. Video surveillance may be used against you if required for the trespass.


We at Broadmoor do not take theft lightly. We prosecute all individuals who steal products, break property, etc. Video surveillance, eye witness accounts, and/or DNA evidence may be used against you in the court of law. You as a consumer, agree to these terms when entering the property of 2106 W Eisenhower Blvd, Loveland, CO 80537.


All sales are final. No refund may be given on anything in the store, including but not limited to Gift Cards, Fuel, Propane, Car Washes, Drinks/Snacks, Cigarettes, Lotto/Scratch tickets.


Broadmoor Heights reserves the right to void any discount, coupon, or sale for any reason.



Business hours presented on our website are the most accurate and updated hours. Broadmoor Heights Convenience reserves the right to close early due to many reasons including inclement weather.


It's the customers responsibility to contact Broadmoor if any of their personal belongings are left without the intent of return.GAS CAPS & OTHER VEHICLE PARTS | Will be disposed of within 1-2 days of findingCLOTHING | We will dispose of any clothing left without any notice of return within 1 dayWALLETS/IDs/CARDS | Will be locked up safely for up to 3 weeks before we dispose/distroyKEYS & CELL PHONES | We will keep phones and car keys for up to a month before disposing. We are not responsible for attempting to turn the phone on or attempting to charge itEVERYTHING ELSE | We will dispose of within a few days


We at Broadmoor Heights take pride in many aspects of running a convenience store. We strive to have an exceptionally clean store and are locally known for the cleanest restroom in Loveland. We also take great pride in our customer service standards. We believe it's important to be kind and courteous while serving you with a smile.If you feel we lacked in these fields, please leave us feedback on our website. We carefully analyze each form and take all feedback into consideration.

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